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Series of Dojo introductions completed
Sunday, 07. October 2012

Our series “Introducing Tendoryu Aikido Dojos around the world” is completed. Now we are looking forward seeing  you soon in person on our 2nd tendo world seminar (October 19.-22. 2012) in Japan.

Not all of you will be able to attend, so we hope at least by this homepage to have a means to communicate with all twa members.

Overview of all articles in this series

Tendoryu Aikido Mexico by Rodrigo Verlasquez
Tendoryu Aikido Dojo Seishinkan – Hamburg by Eckhardt Hemkemeier
Tendoryu Aikido in Maribor / Slovenia by Iztok Šišernik
Tendoryu Aikido in Denmark by Tim Jensen
Tendoryu Aikido in Deggendorf / Bayern by Robert Hundshammer
Tendoryu Aikido Serbia by Milan Velickovic
Tendoryu Aikido Singapore by Adelina Lim
Tendoryu Aikido in Belgium and the Netherlands by Jos Vanroy, Ludo Peters, Erwin van der Beek
Tendoryu Aikido in Spain by Björn Carsten Schultheis
Tendoryu Aikido in Russia by Felix Sharlay