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The Summer Seminars 2013 with Shimizu Sensei and Wakasensei Kenta
Saturday, 27. July 2013

Peter Nieblich and his students prepared everything diligently for a harmonious seminar with Shimizu Sensei in the far north of Germany.

Without a gap followed the next fully booked seminar in the Black Forest.

The Herzogenhorn has already become a fixed date for many aikidoka. In the nature, far away from everyday life it is easy to forget all unnecessary stuff and concentrate on the essential things.

It is one week of intensive training – lately also extended by two morning classes by Wakasensei Kenta.

You can find pictures taken on both Friday evenings, the farewell party (1st and 2nd week):

And similar to last year Wakasensei Kenta continued thereafter the trip alone and was teaching by himself in Munich, Berlin and Moers.

At the end of the respective seminars following gradings were announced. We congratulate:

Kiel – 16. June 2013

1. Dan

  • André Helsberg
  • Andreas Behnke
  • Claus Gensert
  • Marc Krumwiede
  • Sascha Garzke
  • Ulf Seltier
  • Ulrike Ritter

Herzogenhorn 1 – 21. June 2013

1. Dan

  • Angela Brodschelm
  • Gerhard Sibbing
  • Maria Stinn
  • Marina Wulf
  • Ruth Macht

2. Dan

  • Basim Lassgaa
  • Gudrun Bratu
  • Kathrine Munch Torp
  • Stefan Weinzierl
  • Dr. Wolfgang Henry

3. Dan

  • Marco Gutmann
  • Martina Rüter
  • Philipp Ottlinger

Herzogenhorn 2 – 28. June 2013

1. Dan

  • Christian Rueß
  • Dirk Drosse
  • Enrico Rosenkranz
  • Frank Schmidt
  • Kai Grünberg
  • Klaus Kölble
  • Nelson Falcón Hernández
  • Vincent Hubenaar

2. Dan

  • Anke Bergemann
  • Marcello Forastieri
  • Martina Schwertel-Fischer
  • Mert Tümsek
  • Nils Kummerfeldt

3. Dan

  • Jürgen Schwarz
  • Volker Breier

4. Dan

  • Max Gandossi

5. Dan

  • Peter Nieblich
  • Wolfgang Klein