There are seminars again - Marco in Munich
There are seminars again - Marco in Munich
April 1, 2022

by Christian Ruess

"Aikidoka need flexibility and strength" said Marco Gutmann at the first Tendoryu Aikido course 2022 in Munich. "Both in the right balance to each other is absolutely essential to avoid injuries." Numerous Aikidoka made their way to Munich-Sendling to then experience under Marco's guidance a, to the surprise, Hakama free start of the course.

After a short and pithy activation of the body followed numerous strengthening exercises to stabilize the various parts of the torso. Also stretching exercises in which especially the mobility in the pelvic area, wrist and shoulder area was worked out. Why all this? Immediately the bridge to Aikido specific Ukemi situations was made and also tried out immediately full of motivation. And yes, it really did feel different after the extensive strengthening and stretching session.

After a short breather, the Hakamas were put on and the Aikido techniques started. Ikkyo, Shiho Nage, Nikkyo, Kokyu Nage....full program. And again and again the bridge to strengthening and flexibility.

At the end of the Saturday training sessions, Robert, who came from Deggendorf, was able to hand over the certificates to the Aikidoka who graduated at the Horn '21. And this also directly in front of a brand new and freshly from Japan received Shomen of the section Tendoryu Bavaria.

The evening refreshment took place in the restaurant of the club with homemade potato-tomato cheese casserole. Delicious. Many thanks to the chefs and cooking adjutants!

With shortened regeneration time (time change in the night) it went on to the second training day. Beside weaponless techniques this time also with various Bokken exercises. And again and again detail work with very good explanations. And because the weather was so great, the contents and findings could be discussed while sitting in the sun in front of the dojo with coffee and cake. In sum, we look back on a very insightful (physical keiko!) Course in a great training atmosphere with very nice shared experiences.

Many thanks to all helping hands and to all participants who have not let themselves be defeated despite the Corona circumstances and have met to practice and learn together in Munich-Sendling.