Tendo World Aikido International Tendoryu Association Rules and Regulations

Summarized edition with partial changes of precvious rules and regulations. Date: 2012-04-01

1. Tendo World Membership Fees

Tendo World Organisation members not living in Japan are requested to transfer their yearly membership fee (see below) to a specially assigned bank account.

1.1 Fees

Training for Children/Children's group until age 13  free
Youth Annual Membership (age 14 through 18) 12 Euro/Year
Adult Annual Membership (18 years and above) 24 Euro/Year
Dan Grades (from 1st Dan) 48 Euro/Year

1.2 Method of payment

Members will transfer the appropriate fee to the assigned bank account. The transfer of the fee must be accomplished by the end of January of the respective year.

If the fee cannot be paid in due time, we can grant a grace period of two months in exceptional cases. If the fee is not paid after this period, membership will be cancelled and can only be renewed by a new application.

1.3 Joining and leaving the association during the course of the year

1.3.1 Already paid membership fees can not be refunded.

1.3.2 The contribution year begins in January and ends in December.

2. Instructor qualification

2.1 Application for instructors' license

All Tendoryu Dan grades (beginning with 2nd Dan) who want to receive official recognition as a licensed twa instructor must file an application with Shimizu Sensei (Tendoryu Honbu Dojo).

2.2 Qualification criteria

The applicant is teaching in his or her own dojo or similar institution. A minimum of six students is required.

A future qualified Tendoryu Aikido instructor must be at least graduated to second Dan be able to account for at least ten years of active participation in Tendoryu Aikido have participated in at least six seminars of Shimizu Sensei (only one seminar per season will be taken into account). Stays at the Tendokan will also be considered by Shimizu Sensei.

2.3 Decision of acceptance

The decision will be taken by Shimizu Sensei. If necessary the applicant will be interviewed.

2.4 Revocation of acceptance

The permission to instruct and graduate can be revoked by Shimizu Sensei.

2.5 Certificate for officially accredited instructors

The certificate for officially accredited instructors will be issued by Tendokan/Tokyo. Certification costs are at 250 Euro. After paying the certification fee, ownership of the certificate stays with twa.

By accepting the certificate, the certificate holder respects the rules and regulations as authoritative.
All certificate holders agree to not use the license after return or revocation.

3. Graduation

Officially accredited instructors are permitted to award graduations:

  • Graduations may only be awarded to twa members.
  • When entering a Tendoryu group from another group or style of Aikido current graduation will be transferred.
  • This will not be converted automatically to a Tendoryu graduation, - it will be marked in the twa membership pass accordingly.
  • The following graduation will be Tendoryu Aikido graduation.

In order to be eligible for graduation, Tendoryu Aikidoka should become twa members after no longer than one year.

3.1 Kyu grades

All officially accredited instructors are allowed to award graduations up to the first Kyu grade in the name of twa.

3.2 Shodan grades (1st Dan)

All officially accredited instructors holding at the the fourth Dan and above, are permitted to award a Shodan graduation. A Shodan candidate must be able to account for at least five years of continuous practice of Tendoryu Aikido.

3.3 Nidan grades (2nd Dan) and above

All officially accredited Dan grades with at least a 4th Dan graduation can propose others for Nidan graduation. 2nd and 3rd Dan ranks shall ask a 4th or 5th Dan for making proposes. It is not possible to promote oneself.