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Membership fee 2012
Wednesday, 07. December 2011

Please remember:
Don’t forget to fill in the field of reference on the transaction form, when you deposit the yearly fee, also to avoid mistakes:

twa 2012 - your full name – twa membership number

deadline: January 31 2012

NPO tendo world aikido
Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd.- Filiale Duesseldorf
bank code (Sort Code): 300 20 700
account no: 3116033000
IBAN No.: DE93300207003116033000

under 18 years: 12 Euro
above 18 years kyu grade: 24 Euro
above 18 years dan grade: 48 Euro

or if you prefer to pay in Yen

tendo world aikido
Mizuho Bank – Setagaya Branch
bank code: 0212
account no.: 1207705
Swift code: MHBKJPJT

under 18 years: 1500 Yen
above 18 years kyu grade: 3000 Yen
above 18 years dan grade: 6000 Yen

thank you for your help