twa 2013
Dec. 10, 2012

The year draws to an end and we would like to remember you paying the yearly fee for 2013 in time - until 2012 January 31.

And to avoid mistakes don’t forget to write your name, membership number and the membership year (e.g. twa 2013)

The 2nd Tendo World Seminar is over
Nov. 9, 2012

Aiki is - the life force of the universe united with the ki of our little self.

A technique (waza) that originates by the unification of oneself with the universe is aikido. You harmonize your ki not only with your opponent, but with the life force of the universe.

I think everybody could feel the flow of his ki at this seminar location, the Kannon Onsen. In midst unspoiled nature Tendoryu members of all countries connected to one unity and it developed into a wonderful seminar. The landlady of the Kannon Onsen hotel and the employees admired the truly budo-minded spirit of all students.

I want to thank you very much for having come all the way from so afar. And I wish the feeling of this seminar will help you in your further training.

Shimizu Kenji

Tendo World Seminar 2012 - group picture
Nov. 5, 2012

Please find the picture of the 2nd Tendo World Seminar 2012 participants attached for download.

Nov. 3, 2012
14. - 16. 06. 2013Kiel / Germany
16. - 22. 06. 2013Herzogenhorn I / Germany
23. - 29. 06. 2013Herzogenhorn II / Germany

Additional dates and invitations will follow.

Oct. 6, 2012

Our series "Introducing Tendoryu Aikido Dojos around the world" is completed. Now we are looking forward seeing  you soon in person on our 2nd tendo world seminar (October 19.-22. 2012) in Japan.

Not all of you will be able to attend, so we hope at least by this homepage to have a means to communicate with all twa members.

Introducing: Tendoryu Aikido in Russia
Sept. 30, 2012

Exactly 10 years ago Shimizu sensei and Wakasensei  went for the first time to Vladivostok.

Only 2 hours flight located from Tokyo is this city in the far East of Russia with now many enthusiastic Tendoryu aikido students.

Herzogenhorn, an extreme Location
Sept. 21, 2012

A report about 4 decades (Warning: includes humour!)

by Robert Hundshammer, Deggendorf

Introducing: Tendoryu Aikido in Spain
Aug. 31, 2012

Aikido on the beach - is possible on Tenerife.

A couple of years ago Björn Carsten Schultheis has opened a dojo on this island blessed with natural beauty. Our September article brings us to a very Southern part of Europe.

T-shirts Tendo World Seminar 2012
Aug. 21, 2012

The new Tendo World Seminar 2012 T-shirts are available now for ordering - until 10th September 2012.

Images and order list are attached to this article. Please aggregate orders by dojo.

T-shirts will be issued at Kannon Onsen.

Please send your order by email to Tendokan: [email protected]

Introducing: Tendoryu Aikido in Belgium and the Netherlands
July 31, 2012

This month in August we hear about the positive effects when countries work together and what is the meaning of Euregio Seminar.

Introducing: Tendoryu Aikido Singapore
June 30, 2012

Adelina Lim tells us how Tendoryu Aikido came to the equator, or rather - close to the equator.

Tendo World Seminar 2012 Poster
June 18, 2012

Please find the attached high resolution images of the Tendo World Seminar 2012 poster as PDF documents. Feel free to download it for use in your Dojo.

Introducing: Tendoryu Aikido Serbia
May 31, 2012

Tendoryu aikido in Serbia has a long 30 years history and a special importance for the people who had to witness the last civil war. This June article comes from Milan Velickovic (Miki), leader of the dojo in Novi Sad.

2. Tendo World Seminar - October 19.-22. 2012 / Kannon Onsen
May 11, 2012

Regarding: Registration

Please do not forget to register for the seminar in time.

Deadline: July 31. 2012

Introducing: Tendoryu Aikido in Deggendorf / Germany
April 30, 2012

In May we want to introduce a dojo in the South of Germany. From the head of dojo Robert Hundshammer we hear that the idyllic location in the countryside offers not only advantages.

Tendo World Seminar October 19.-22. 2012
April 14, 2012

The Tendokan and its students are already looking forward to welcome participants from all over the world in autumn to the 2. Tendo World Seminar in Japan.

The Kannon Onsen Hotel is located on Izu Peninsula southwest of Tokyo, in midst a very natural environment, which has not been hit by the catastrophe last year (earthquake, tsunami, nuclear accident).

Apart from a few places in Fukushima you can travel everywhere in Japan without hesitation, drink tap water and eat all what you can buy.

For the ones who wish more detailed information, here is a link on the homepage of the German embassy in Tokyo (Japanese-German) or the American embassy, Health & Safety Information (English).

Introducing: Tendoryu Aikido in Denmark
March 31, 2012

In the fourth article of our series ‘Tendoryu Aikido dojos worldwide’ we learn from Tim Jensen about the past and future of the Danish aikido.

Introducing: Tendoryu Aikido in Maribor / Slovenia
Feb. 29, 2012

This month we learn from Iztok Šišernik about the development of the aikido club ‘Branik’ and how it came into existence.

Introducing:  Seishinkan - Hamburg
Jan. 31, 2012

This is the second piece of a series planned until October, when we will have the 2nd Tendo World Seminar. Each month we would like to give one dojo the chance to introduce itself. This time Eckhardt Hemkemeier will tell us about his dojo the Seishinkan in Hamburg/Germany.

One cookie with the tea
Jan. 13, 2012

An AIKIDO impression by Axel Bergemann

It’s nice to be back in Japan.

I sit together with Shimizu Sensei and Birgit in the Tendokan office. In front of me a slim cup of tea and one cookie, in japanese style carefully packed.

A small bite and all of a sudden this tiny cookie catch’s me by surprise.