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Sunday, 18. December 2016
Wednesday, 02. November 2016

(A commentary by Robert Hundshammer, Deggendorf/Germany)

Aikido changes you. Even your perspective on everyday life. It somehow becomes a very important part of you. After many years of “Keiko” you even cannot go through a forest without discovering basic Aikido-principles and links to Aikido. So Shimizu-Sensei frequently chooses examples taken from nature to teach the background of his art. Thus the migration of cranes, the eye-catcher on the T-shirts of the 3rd twa-World-Seminar 2015, was chosen on purpose.

On a harmless hiking trip through the forest I suddenly became aware of the principle of ikkyo – so to speak, I met it personally!

Well, I know, that some people might say, “He must be kidding!” But here is my story:

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Tuesday, 20. September 2016

Shimizu Sensei ist einer der letzten, lebenden und aktiv Aikidounterricht erteilenden Schüler / Uchi deshi von O’Sensei Morihei Ueshiba, dem Begründer des Aikido.

Es ist immer wieder bewundernswert, dass dieser nunmehr bereits 76 Jahre alte Mensch die Strapazen von langen Interkontinentalreisen auf sich nimmt, um uns in Europa, Amerika und Russland den Gedanken des Aikido und die Regeln des Budo näher zu bringen.

Ich bin nun schon seit etlichen Jahren einer seiner unzähligen Schüler.

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Saturday, 13. August 2016

On the occasion of the summer seminars in Starnberg and Herzogenhorn following aikidoka have been awarded with a dan grade by Shimizu Sensei.


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Friday, 29. July 2016

Shimizu Sensei has given an interview with the radio station FM Setagaya. This will be broadcasted in August in four parts. Completely in Japanese.

Start will be August 4. (Thursday)
August 4./11./18./25 12:45 - 13:00 (Japanese time)

will be repeated
August 6./13./20./27. 06:45 - 07:00 (Japanese time)

FM Setagaya (internetradio)

Tuesday, 07. June 2016

by Lorena Fortolis

About five years ago I took over an Aikido group in Mexico. The process of sharing what I've learned forced me to be more attentive to everything I do and obviously to never stop learning and try to improve.

Definitely, ( and I'm sure I'm not talking only for myself) for all the Aikido Tendoryu practitioners, the first step to achieve these goals is training in the Tendokan. So I decided to travel to Japan and stay a bit longer than the usual time we spend for a seminar.

The nature of my job gives me certain freedom and flexibility so I could make all the arrangements to spend around three months there.

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Thursday, 02. June 2016

Confirmations have been sent to those who registered for this year's seminar at Herzogenhorn (sending date was 2016-05-10). If you did not receive your confirmation yet, please contact Harald Wundrak.

Monday, 18. January 2016

If you haven’t done it yet – please be reminded to pay the twa fee for 2016 latest until January 31.

AND as every year I would like to advise to make sure you have written also the member’s name and the membership number, so that we can correctly complete the data.

Thank you very much and have a wonderful new year.
Birgit (Tendokan)