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Tuesday, 27. December 2011

This is the first piece of a series planned until October, when we will have the 2nd Tendo World Seminar. Each month we would like to give one dojo the chance to introduce itself.

In November 2011 Wakasensei went to Mexico for teaching his first own seminar. He told us about the warm reception and the enthusiasm for Tendoryu Aikido he felt there.

Rodrigo Velazquez tells us about how Tendoryu Mexico has been developing from its start.

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Wednesday, 21. December 2011

The dates of the seminars with Shimizu Sensei at Herzogenhorn 2012 are now public: Week I, Week II.

Saturday, 17. December 2011

The Kannon Onsen hotel is located in the South of the Izu Peninsular. Remote from everyday life, inmidst green mountains and equipped with a spacious dojo.

There - where we already had the 1st Tendo World Seminar 2009 - we want to practice together, savour Japanese food and relax in the hotel owned hot spring.

And to make it as easy as possible we offer you this seminar as a complete package.

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Wednesday, 07. December 2011

Please remember:
Don’t forget to fill in the field of reference on the transaction form, when you deposit the yearly fee, also to avoid mistakes:

twa 2012 - your full name – twa membership number

deadline: January 31 2012

NPO tendo world aikido
Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd.- Filiale Duesseldorf
bank code (Sort Code): 300 20 700
account no: 3116033000
IBAN No.: DE93300207003116033000

under 18 years: 12 Euro
above 18 years kyu grade: 24 Euro
above 18 years dan grade: 48 Euro

or if you prefer to pay in Yen

tendo world aikido
Mizuho Bank – Setagaya Branch
bank code: 0212
account no.: 1207705
Swift code: MHBKJPJT

under 18 years: 1500 Yen
above 18 years kyu grade: 3000 Yen
above 18 years dan grade: 6000 Yen

thank you for your help

Tuesday, 15. November 2011
02.03. - 05.03.Deggendorf
06.03. - 08.03.Berlin
09.03. - 11.03.Moers / Duisburg
15.03. - 18.03.Novi Sad, Serbia

Details and application forms will follow.

Update 2011-11-19: The seminar in Berlin is now confirmed.

Tuesday, 15. November 2011

Due to the overall positive reactions we want to organize a second tendo world aikido seminar next year 2012.

The date is already set. Details will follow later.
19. - 22. October 2012 (Fri - Mon)

It will be a great opportunity to have an exchange with Tendoryu students from various countries. And as many of you already know the food is delicious and the hot spring is one of the best in Japan.

Tuesday, 15. November 2011

After a rainy start the warm autumn sun smiled upon us and we could not only learn more about aikido during the somewhat different than usual training, but also enjoy the nature outside.

On Saturday afternoon we were allowed to use the extensive garden again for a barbecue. Sitting and standing together in the green, far away from the daily routine, having grilled fish, vegetables, meat, yakisoba (fried noodles) and other delicious stuff, one had the leisure to get to know each other better.

This nice atmosphere and the feeling of the soft onsen water (hot spring) on the skin are having a lasting effect.

Birgit (Tendokan)

Friday, 30. September 2011

The weather meant it well - blue skies and high temperatures.

In both weeks of Herzogenhorn you had again the opportunity to work on your technique and deepen your understanding of aikido – thanks to Shimizu Sensei’s demonstrations and explanations. Additionally on Tuesday and Thursday morning, before breakfast, everybody could learn from Wakasensei Kenta Shimizu what’s important for a good ukemi. He gave many hints on how to improve your way to take a fall. It was early in the morning, but nevertheless everybody accepted this challenge and participated. And later in the classes that followed with Shimizu Sensei you could try to apply what you have learned before.

Directly after Herzogenhorn there was a weekend seminar in Bad Säckingen, an idyllic little town right next to the Swiss border. The first class on Saturday was taught by Wakasensei Kenta Shimizu, sort of opening the seminar before Shimizu Sensei took over.

The last station in Europe was Milano. It was the first Tendoryu seminar in Italy and for most of the Italian participants the first opportunity to experience Shimizu Sensei in person. Full of concentration and enthusiastically was everybody then during practice on the tatami: beginners and advanced students, members from Italy, Germany, Serbia, Belgium and Slovenia (photo).

Tendokan (Birgit)

Wednesday, 21. September 2011

There will be a 4 days seminar conducted by Wakasensei Kenta in Mexico City in November.


Alfredo Corona ([email protected])
Rodrigo Velazquez ([email protected])

Tuesday, 20. September 2011

Aikido is life that connects mind and body
- it is energy that pushes us

Wednesday, 01. June 2011

[Update] Please register for joining the seminar until 15th of June. There is a new attachment containing information about accomodation in Milano.

Tendoryu Italia invites to a Tendoryu Aikido seminar with Shimizu Sensei in Milano

Saturday 16th from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Sunday 17th from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Seminar tax: full seminar € 80, one day € 60

Saturday, 28. May 2011

[Update] You can still apply to join the seminar. No limit of graduations!

We are very pleased to announce this year's summer seminars with Shimizu Sensei and Waka Sensei Kenta Shimizu at Herzogenhorn. Please find the application forms below. Deadline for applications is 2011-05-19.

1st week: 2011-06-26 - 2011-07-02
2nd week: 2011-07-03 - 2011-07-09

Friday, 06. May 2011

scheduled for October 2012 – Kannon Onsen Hotel / Shimoda

Friday, 06. May 2011

October 15./16./17. 2011 at Kannon Onsen Hotel / Shimoda

Again we will have a few vacancies for applicants from outside the dojo. If you are interested please contact the Tendokan.

Friday, 06. May 2011

Shimizu Sensei and Wakasensei Kenta Shimizu held a seminar in Vladivostok on April 29.-30. 2011.

It was the fourth visit to this Russian city. To make effective use of the short time the organizers arranged a challenging program. Such as a six hours class for adults on Saturday and a one and a half hours class for children. All participants however kept going with concentration and enthusiasm until the very end of the seminar.

In spite of the tight time frame there was some little time left for exploring the vicinity – on horseback.

Friday, 22. April 2011

During this year's spring seminars, Shimizu Sensei gave new Dan grades to the following students. Congratulations on the new ranks!

3rd Dan

Dr. Björn-Carsten Schultheis, Tenerife
Milan Miletic, Kragujevac
Mitar Vujovic, Podgorica

2nd Dan

Aleksandar Cocic, Kragujevac
Martin Blümel, Ismaning
Peter Bielig, München Großhadern

1st Dan

Dr. Peter Buhl, München Großhadern
Ulrich Schäfer, München Großhadern
Nikola Dumic, Kragujevac
Bernd Hörnke, Berlin
Eberhard Schmidt, Berlin
Ute Finckh-Krämer, Berlin

Wednesday, 13. April 2011

Without clouds you would feel no gratitude for the sun
- People can change themselves by their attitude

Wednesday, 13. April 2011

Einladung zum Tendoryu-Aikido Seminar in Bad Säckingen / Germany mit Shimizu, Kenji Sensei und seinem Sohn Waka-Sensei Shimizu, Kenta

Samstag 9.7.2011
14:30 – 15:45 Waka-Sensei
16:00 – 17:30 Shimizu Sensei
19:00 Barbecue

Sonntag 10.7.2011
10:30 – 11:30 Shimizu Sensei
11:45 – 12:45 Shimizu Sensei

Thursday, 24. March 2011

This is a call to the members and friends of Tendoryu Aikido to support the people being hit by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The number of people who have lost their houses or are still missing is incredible high. Many have lost relatives and their homes. We should not only show compassion but offer our dedicated help. Please support the aid projects by your donations.


Sunday, 30. January 2011

This is the planned schedule for this years seminars with Shimizu Sensei in summer:

Herzogenhorn 1st week 26.06. - 02.07.
Herzogenhorn 2nd week 03.07. - 09.07.

Bad Säckingen: 09.07. - 10.07.

Milano, Italy 16.07. - 17.07.
The first Tendoryu Aikido seminar by Shimizu Sensei in Italy!

Thursday, 20. January 2011

We are very pleased to announce that Shimizu Sensei has confirmed to come to Europe in spring 2011 to teach Tendoryu Aikido. This is the schedule:

04.3. - 06.3. München Großhadern
07.3. - 08.3. Starnberg
10.3. - 13.3. Kragujevac, Serbia
15.3. - 17.3. Berlin
18.3. - 20.3. Arnhem, Netherlands